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Three Counties School of Music

Recently I wrote about Ian Higginson and one of his latest published composition – Organ Sound Colours – Volume 1. Ian is not only an accomplished composer who has written numerous choral, organ and instrumental works that have been widely performed & published in the UK and the USA. He is also active as an… 
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St Paul’s Brighton – Our longest ever customer project!

Pipe organ projects are known to take many years in the planning as they are always complex and expensive, often involving structural alterations and extensive fundraising. By contrast digital instruments are usually agreed and installed in less than 12 months, and often as quickly as a few months when replacing an existing digital instrument. St… 
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Oldest new customer buys first home practice organ

We recently had the pleasure of meeting Reverend John Collins who was brought to Bicester by his daughter to choose his first home practice instrument. During our meeting I learnt that John had done his undergraduate training at Kings College Cambridge where he was student during World War II. He had played the organ there… 
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A very lovely TV series

With our offices unusually quiet again in the second lockdown I resorted to exploring YouTube for material to pass some time. I also wanted to find a film clip I remember from the 1990’s of a remarkable home organ in the USA which I saw on one of the series ‘Howard Goodall’s Organworks’ Not all… 
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